Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love Him Like His Dog Does?

I'm sorry that it's been a while since my last post. My home computer died, and it's difficult for me to justify blogging at work without staying late! :) So, until I get a new computer I won't be able to blog as regularly as I'd like to. I am keeping track of my ideas, so when I do get a new computer, I'll theoretically have lots of new posts! yay!

This weekend I heard a new song on the radio, "Like my Dog" by Billy Currington. It's all about how he wants his lady to love him like his dog does. While I have to admit it sounds pretty silly, I think there is actually some pretty good advice in it.

1. "He never says why don't you get off that couch?" = Don't nag your husbands! If you have something in mind for your husband to help you with, ask him! 

2. "When I come home, I want you to just go crazy". Imagine if we acted like our dogs do every time our husbands come home? Okay, maybe we don't need to run around in circles and jump all over him, but it would certainly be nice to stop whatever you are doing and go to greet him at the door with a big hug and kiss!

3. "He never looks at me like he might hate me". I think this is the thing I have to consciously work on the most... I don't ever "hate" my husband, but I am guilty of rolling my eyes at him from time to time. This action conveys complete disinterest in a person, and I never want to give that impression to my husband.

4. "He don't play dead when I wanna pet him". This made me laugh! It might be a bit personal, but you should never deny your husband the intimacy he desires. It's one of the most special gifts that a marriage offers to a husband and a wife and should occur as often as possible!

5. "He don't get mad at me and throw a major fit". Arguments are a normal part of any relationship, but loving communication is the key. Yelling, swearing, excessive crying, etc. are all immature ways to express yourself. If you feel like you can't verbally communicate in a gentle fashion, try writing it down.

So, as silly as it sounds, take some advice from your dog and love your husband unconditionally!

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