Monday, September 19, 2011


Today I am so happy because it is the first day of my Good Morning Girls bible study! GMG is a group of girls that hold each other accountable for studying God's word every day. We read the assigned Scripture for the day and then email or FB each other to check in and let everyone know:

  • That we read the bible that day
  • Our feelings about what we read
  • Any Prayers that we need
  • And to offer Encouragement to everyone in our group
GMG is definitely not something to be taken lightly; It's a 12 week commitment to read the bible and share with your group EVERY day!!! And yet, over 2500 ladies have enrolled! I joined a group with ~20 other ladies from all over the globe. I have never met any of these girls in person, but I already feel so close to them. We are already sharing intimate aspects of our lives with each other and are becoming true sisters in Christ. I think it's amazing that so many women from all walks of life are coming together because of our faith in Christ. It's a wonderful example of God's miraculous love working for us and through us!

I recently started this blog as another form of accountability....I want to be accountable to Father Time! I want to spend less time watching TV/stalking friends on FB and more time learning about God and all the ways to be a good Christian wife. I want to be Accountable to my husband. It's one thing to talk/write/read about being a good wife, but it's another thing all together to BE a good wife. 

Some days are more trying than others in our journey to be good wives, but when we feel like our husbands don't deserve all of the wonderful, selfless things we do for them, remember that there is another being that we are accountable to: God. We serve our husbands in order to Honor God. The marriage between a husband and wife mimic's the marriage between Christ and his church.

  • This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.....and the wife see that she reverence her husband, Eph. 5:32-33

We are called to be accountable to our husbands, our marriages, and most of all to our Lord. So, when times seem tough and you just don't feel like being nice, remember who you are really serving and honoring when you are being a good wife to your husband.

Prayers for accountability and for a meaningful Good Morning Girls Session!

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  1. Good Morning Girls sounds very interesting. What a wonderful idea!