Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Favorite Cleaning Products!

My friends & family would definitely describe me as a neat freak! Perhaps even a little OCD about keeping my home clean... But, I always tell my guests to make themselves at home, and I mean that! I don't ever want people to feel uncomfortable or afraid to touch anything in my home. I always remind them that the cleaning thing is my problem, not theirs!! 

Anyways, I have recently stumbled upon some great cleaning products that have simplified my routine:
1) Bathroom: 

  • Shower: To clean my glass shower I only need 2 things: A Mr. Clean Bath Scrubber Magic Eraser and a squeegee. I LOVE the magic eraser because it has eliminated my need for harsh chemical cleaners and fumes! I just wipe down the entire shower every few days with the Magic Eraser (it smells great too), and squeegee after every shower. My shower always looks PERFECT!! I also use the magic eraser in our bath tub when needed, but we don't use that on a regular basis.
  • Sink/vanity: I LOVE Mrs. Myers Clean Day all purpose cleaner in Lavender scent. I just pour a little into a plugged sink and fill it up with Hot water, and use that as my cleaning bucket to wipe down the vanity, toilet, and sinks. It smells WONDERFUL, and actually makes me look forward to cleaning!
  • Toilet: I love these  Clorox toilet tablets  because each tablet keeps my toilet bowl spotless for ~ 2 months, and has nearly eliminated the need for a toilet brush!
  • Floors: I use my vacuum to suck up all the hair and dust, and then wipe down the floor with the Mrs. Myers cleaning solution! It seriously smells so good.
2) Kitchen:

  • Granite Counters: I keep them clean with Mrs. Myers (I have a spray bottle that I keep filled with diluted all purpose cleaner), and every evening I polish them with Method Granite Polish to keep them sealed and shiny!
  • Glass Cook Top: Every evening after dinner I scrub the stove with Weiman scrubbers and cleaner. They just came out with an Extra Strength cleaner that works even better than their original formula on burnt on stuff! Just sqeeze it on, scrub it down, and buff it off with a paper towel... Good As New cook top every time!
  • Stainless Steel Appliances: Again, I go to Weiman for their Stainless Steel cleaner.... Just spray it on and buff off with a paper towel to stay finger print free!
  • Cabinets (and other wood furniture): Swiffer Dust & Shine in Lavender! It works great and smells wonderful as well! I've also noticed it's less greasy than Pledge, or Old English and doesn't leave a residue. 
  • Floors: If you have wood floors, than you know there is a process to keeping them clean. 
    • First, sweep or vacuum
    • 2nd, mainly because I have pets, I go over the floors with a dry Swiffer Sweeper to get all of the stray hair!
    • 3rd, Mop with a Swiffer Wet Jet and their Wood Floor solution. It dries quickly and leaves a nice smell as well.
    • I'm thinking about getting this new Shark Steam Vac so that I can eliminate all of the waste that Swiffer creates :( but I'd like to hear some opinions from real people before I invest in it
3) Laundry: I used to create all kinds of concoctions from several different brands to ensure clean, and most importantly :) great smelling laundry! But then I stumbled upon these while I was staying at a friends house. I was so impressed I started buying them myself! 

  • These 3 in 1 sheets are fabulous and eliminate the need for all of those bottles that leak all over the laundry room! They are dry and kept in a nice little box!
  • To add a little extra, and to increase the smell factor, I've also started using these Lavender Crystals, especially for sheets, towels, and other laundry items that are stored for a while before use. Ladies: Please change your bedding EVERY WEEK! Your husband will love you for it..... there is nothing better than laying in a nice smelling and soft bed at the end of a long day!
  • And they are HE approved! Just drop a sheet, a cap of crystals and your laundry in the machine and hit go.... a little while longer you will have clean, great smelling laundry, without all the mess of liquid detergents and softeners!

Those are all that come to mind at the moment, but if you have any other cleaning questions, please feel free to ask!

And when it comes, it finds the house swept and put in order. Luke 11:25

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