Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monster-In-Law? No! Mother-In-Love? Yes!!

My In-Laws were recently visiting us in Nashville from Texas. While they were here, my Mother-In-Law showed me her newest hobby, Embroidery! I had a couple of friends who recently had babies, so we went to work creating these adorable Burp Cloths!! I was amazed that she could start with a few raw materials and create these cute & functional baby gifts!!

It made me really excited for when my husband and I are able to start a family of our own. I know that my Mother-In-Law is going to be the BEST Grandma, Granny, MeMe, Nanny, Nana, etc.. in the world!! 

I was recently thinking about the term Mother-In-Law and how it has such a negative connotation; people have even coined the term Monster-In-Law and have created movies, books, blogs, etc about how horrible Mother-In-Laws can be.

Mother-IN-LAW.... makes me think of being married by THE law.... as when people legally get married in a courthouse. But, my husband and I weren't married in a courthouse by people of the Law, we were married in a church by God's Love..... So, I feel like a more appropriate term would be: Mother-In-Love.

Mother-In-Love is certainly a more applicable title to my MIL, whom I refer to simply as, Mom. She has been more of a mother to me in the past 7 years than my biological Mother. She is a wonderful role model for the kind of mother I (and my sister) want to be to our future children. I am constantly amazed at how she ALWAYS puts the needs of her children before her own.... Her children are now adults in their mid-20's.... But, to her, they will always be her babies, and I feel so BLESSED to be counted as one of her babies!!

I came across this funny Mother-In-Law "prayer" online:

“O, Lord, help me to be glad when my son (or daughter) picks a mate. If he brings home a girl with two heads, let me love both of them equally. And when my son says, ‘Mom, I want to get married,’ forbid that I should blurt out, ‘How far along is she?’
“And please, Lord, help me to get through the wedding preparations without a squabble with the ‘other side.’ And drive from my mind the belief that had my child waited a while, he or she could have done better.
“Dear Lord, remind me daily that when I become a grandmother, my children don’t want advice on how to raise their children any more than I did when I was raising mine.
“If you will help me to do these things, perhaps my children will find me a joy to be around, and maybe I won’t have to write a ‘Dear Abby’ letter complaining about my children neglecting me. Amen.”

I doubt that my MIL read this, but she is certainly the best MIL I could have asked for. And just in case "Pops" is reading this.... He is the BEST FIL I could ask for.... I will post all of his handy-work as soon as he finishes my Laundry Room!! :)

If you don't feel like you lucked out in the Mother-In-Law/Love department, please remember that at the very least, you owe her a cordial relationship for the simple fact that she is responsible for the man you fell in love with!!

Prayers for happy "In-Love" relationships!!


  1. What a cute blog! Love the 50% mommy 50% daddy bib!

  2. Nice to hear sweet comments about a mother-in-love. Now that I'm a mother-in-law myself, I have even more appreciation for my mother-in-law! I'm blog-hopping and I'm a new follower, so please visit back: http://biblelovenotes.com.

  3. Thanks Darlene! I feel honored that your stopped by! Your blog has been such an inspiration to me!

    Gail, Congratulations on becoming an MIL! Your one-minute devotions are wonderful!