Thursday, September 8, 2011

Girl's Night In!

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday my husband had to work the night shift in the ER. Since I didn't want to be alone every night all weekend I asked one of my new neighbors if she wanted to get together. She immediately responded with "I'd love to, where should we go". 

"Where should we go?" has become the normal response when anyone suggests getting together, but why do we always have to go somewhere?

The weather had been bad, and after having 2 car accidents in the rain, I'm not really supposed to drive when it's raining anymore ;) So, I suggested she come over to my place... My justification being that we can avoid the bad weather and not have to worry about drinking and driving.... I don't drink very often, so even 1 glass of wine makes me feel like I shouldn't be driving.

Back to my story: She accepted! So, I went about planning our menu and preparing my house for a guest! For those of you who aren't familiar with this, it's called HOSPITALITY! & where I come from, Southern Hospitality!
1 Peter 4:9 suggests we "Show hospitality to one another without grumbling".

Since my new neighbor friend is a vegetarian, I made sure to prepare a meat-free meal, and since it was so cold & wet outside I decided to go with comfort food: Homemade Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. I also prepared a lovely Bruschetta appetizer that was presented on a beautiful platter and waiting for her when she arrived at my home. I lit some candles, turned on some Big Band music in the background, and made sure my home felt warm, welcoming, and peaceful. She showed up with a bottle of wine, and the fun began. 

We talked and ate! She helped me clean the dinner dishes, and then I showed her how to make my signature desert: Puff Pastry, raspberries, chocolate, etc.... Yuumy! We were baking, and talking, and dancing to the Big Band Music in the background, and before we knew it, 5 hours had passed! We had the most wonderful time, much better than if we had to "go somewhere", and I'm sure I saved a lot of money as well! My dinner was simple & inexpensive.... but our conversation & surroundings were beautiful & rich in hospitality! 

Next time someone suggests that you go "somewhere", step up to the plate and make that "somewhere" your home! Hospitality is a wonderful thing, and one God commands us to practice! Do it, and you won't be sorry that you did!

Prayers for a hospitable weekend!

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